An interview with the mayor, Ivan Aleksiev. Seaside and spa tourism: the main economic resource. Agriculture, viticulture, salt extraction and fishing are also important. The projects on the agenda

Pomorie Municipality is located in Southeastern Bulgaria. It is one of the 13 constituent municipalities of Burgas District and it consists of 17 settlements. The administrative center of the municipality is Pomorie, the city with the largest number of sunny days a year in Bulgaria and the longest beach on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This land has held countless treasures for centuries, but one of the most precious is the healing mud from Pomorie, known for its properties all over the world. The city has been a privileged place of cure and relaxation since Roman times. Today it is recognized as the capital of seaside and spa tourism and, as a Spa, the innovative destination for the whole year. We meet the mayor of Pomorie, Ivan Aleksiev to define the possibilities that the municipality offers to foreign entrepreneurs.


Mr. Aleksiev, what is the economic profile of the Municipality of Pomorie?

The determining industry is tourism. The Municipality of Pomorie successfully develops marine, beach, cultural and ecological tourism. Along with various forms of tourism, the local population develops agriculture, viticulture, winemaking, salt extraction and fishing. The Pomorie Bay water area is preferred for sailing regattas, the seaside town has a well-structured fishing port.


Which are the major companies and in which sectors are the producers active?

In the field of tourism, there are several large complexes that offer a high quality tourist product and balneotherapy. There are numerous hotels and family accommodations. Local companies produce medicines and cosmetics derived from lye in Pomorie Lake. In the agricultural sector we have several operators who cultivate vineyards, apples, cherries, there is already a local production of apple juice. The Black Sea Gold winery is also located on the territory of Pomorie, which is known for the quality of its production both in the country and abroad.


What are the European projects and tenders in progress?

More than 20 projects and tenders are being implemented. Here are some of them: implementation of measures to prevent and adapt to climate change in the area of our Municipality; construction, reconstruction and rehabilitation of streets, sidewalks and structures and their accessories; Energy efficiency, i.e. reconstruction, repair, equipment and/or furnishings of municipal buildings where public services are provided, with the aim of improving their energy efficiency; construction of a youth centre; design and construction of anaerobic plants for the separate collection of biodegradable waste, which involves the lead municipality of Burgas and Nessebar and Pomorie as partner municipalities; reduction of marine waste from land sources in a targeted water area on the territory of the municipality of Pomorie; construction of underground systems for the storage of unsorted domestic waste and the separate collection of the specific streams of domestic waste. In short, a rather rich program.

What are the investment opportunities that the Municipality offers to foreign companies?

We are awaiting the adoption of the General Regulatory Plan of the Municipality of Pomorie, in which areas are planned for the construction of industrial parks, thanks to which it will be possible to attract foreign investors. The location of the Municipality of Pomorie is very good – it is close to the regional center, the port and the national airport of Burgas. In the field of tourism and especially in the entertainment part we offer multiple development opportunities, as we have ideas for the construction of a golf complex and other attractions, always aiming to improve the main industry, tourism, without neglecting the agriculture and the food industry. Italy is famous for good wine, good food and Pomorie is the right place for Italian agricultural companies that want to internationalize their production.








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